CAC, Consultoría en Ahorro de Costes (CAC, Consultancy in Cost Sving) has signed in these days a partnership agreement with Origami Engineering, with the purpose of combining their boutique consultancy with the broadest range of activity of Origami Engineering.

This alliance with Origami Engineering set in England represents a huge opportunity to have their support to improve our quality service towards our customers and open our service to new clients and partners all around the world. And the most important thing for us is that we work with the warranty that all of the partners share the same ethical ground of Origami Engineering.

We are pleased to partner with Origami Engineering, to be part of this worldwide network, and by our part we at CAC, Consultoría en Ahorro de Costes, we will do our best to be equal to the task.

* See Attachment at the botton.